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Intelligent Process Diagrams You can create smart P&ID`s without changing the way your drawings look or the symbols that you use. Powerful drafting and editing tools make it easy to incorporate drawing intelligence. With P&ID Professional you can add information or link to external databases for further design and engineering collaboration any time. Industry Standard Symbols CADWorx P&ID comes with an extensive symbols library to regional standards. You can easily add user symbols and assemblies that are automatically made intelligent and have the same functionality as those supplied with the program. CADWorx P&ID`s built-in tools will also automatically add your symbols to the menus without any programming. Specification Checking CADWorx P&ID has optional piping specification checking capabilities built in. This allows designers to create process diagrams that access the same specifications used by CADWorx Pipe. With your process diagrams and piping designs using the same checks, you can be sure that your designs are correct from conception to delivery. Project Document Links CADWorx P&ID allows users to link an unlimited number of documents to their P&ID components, and this information is stored in the project database. Once linked, you can click on any component to access or view any documents pertaining to it. Now, maintaining and accessing your project documents just got easier! Legacy Drawing Conversion Your old drawings and the information they contain can still be useful! CADWorx P&ID includes powerful mapping routines that make linking valves, vessels, mechanical, instruments and process lines easy. Once mapped, CADWorx P&ID will recognize all subsequent instances of that item and automatically link it to the correct database table. Links to Third-party Packages P&ID`s can now be linked to Autodesk`s wiring diagram module for greater piping, electrical and instrumentation collaboration.

Product:COADE CADWorx P&ID 2009