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COADE PVElite V2012

PV Elite\’s graphical analysis models help ensure confidence in the input and results. Integrated with international code rules and extensive region-specific content, you can view and manipulate them with complete ease.

PV Elite features include:

Vessel, heat exchanger, and tubesheet design and analysis
Individual component analysis
Design tools and wizards
Comprehensive error checking
Saddle, leg, and skirt design
User-definable reports
Wind and seismic analysis
International vessel codes
Main features of PV Elite 2012:

• ASME Section VIII Division 1 and Division 2 2011a new code updates are incorporated
• ASME Appendix 41, EIH Support plates is added
• PD 5500:2009 code changes are implemented
• Implementation of ASME code case 2695 (Div 1 using Div 2 formulas and Div 1 allowables)
• ASME pure-metric yield stress database is included
• Wind/Seismic code updates for several codes
• The example problems in ASME publication PTB-3 (Div 2 problems solution manual) is added.
product:COADE PVElite V2012
Size:175 MB