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OPTIS SPEOS for PTC Creo 2013

OPTIS, a leading software editor for the scientific simulation of light and human vision in a virtual reality environment, has announced that SPEOS for CREO® Parametric* design software now integrates with PTC® Windchill PDMLink®. The development gives designers new advanced globally collaborative powers by facilitating visualisation and modification of projects in real time.

This represents a significant breakthrough for the integration of optical simulation in the industrial process, making it possible to share complex product data across global development teams. Windchill PDMLink facilitates collaboration between the various product development functions, as well as being an advanced tool for configuration and change management.

Users will be able to make maximum re-use of existing designs, freeing up time for making the frequent updates to products that are necessary to remain competitive in today’s markets. By using SPEOS for Creo Parametric with Windchill PDMLink, customers now have the essential tools to experiment with new materials, colors, light sources and optical effects. SPEOS libraries of luminous sources, materials and surface optical properties can be shared with everybody within engineering groups and can be re-used in multiple projects thanks to Windchill PDMLink capacities.

Once the optical properties are applied to mechanical elements of CREO Parametric, SPEOS library files can be downloaded and upgraded, with any changes being listed using the database versioning. Products can be continuously updated as well as being able to revert to previous versions.

Simulation results can be archived in the Windchill PDMLink database, making it easy for designers to visualize the latest progress of a project.
Product:OPTIS SPEOS for PTC Creo 2013