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KBC Petro-Sim 4.0

Petro-SIM 4.0 continues the tradition of providing the best modelling platform for refiners, petrochemical and gas processing plants, from individual units to plant-wide modelling, and expands upon the unique new functionality introduced in Version 4.0. Users can take advantage of the inherent capabilities of Petro-SIM, as well as leverage KBC´s industry-leading SIM Suite reactor models to improve operations, planning, and capital investment.

Enhancements in the area of collaboration, integration with real time process and laboratory data allow you to better utilise your models and data. In addition, we have taken the first steps toward fully integrating our energy analysis and management software, incorporating our preheat train analysis and cleaning optimisation technology. This allows the optimisation of hydrocarbon throughput and energy efficiency in a single model. We believe these enhancements provide a new and very valuable way of working for the global downstream industry.

Break through the barriers with Petro-SIM´s accurate heat transfer calculations to:

Improve profit margins by monitoring exchanger fouling and optimising cleaning
Predict heat exchanger pressure drops more accurately
Improve furnace and heater operations with prediction and tracking of coke lay down, giving you better tools to predict run length

Realise high resolution compositional analysis through:

Higher fidelity in the tracking of refinery streams that carry consistently through the flowsheet and the SIM Reactor suite
Increased consistency between models used at all levels of the planning cycle
Enhanced usability and predictive capability for Isomerisation reactors alongside continuing reactor technology enhancements

Centralise the use of your models and better utilise your data:

Collaborate through model, case, study and assay data synchronisation technology
Update your models by directly connecting real-time process and laboratory data
Improve data quality with enhanced data reconciliation
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