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VMGSim V7.0.46

VMGSim™ 7.0

Release Highlights

Speed. Substance. Style. The release of VMGSim 7.0 can be best characterized
by these three qualities; we have worked on each of these areas to improve your total
simulation experience. Regarding Speed, many large cases will have a twofold speed increase,
expediting the time it takes to complete your simulations. We have added to the Substance of
VMGSim 7.0 with an impressive array of new process modeling technology, ranging from new Fuel
Cell and Pinch Utility Unit Operations to improvements in Oil Estimation Methods as well as a major
enhancement to our Sulfur Recovery Unit modeling capabilities. The Style of VMGSim has also been enhanced
with the addition of many more of those little features that quickly become an integral part of your day to day use
of VMGSim.

VMGSim 7.0 is a major milestone in our objective of continuing to develop the best process simulation software.
Use VMGSim 7.0 and experience its Speed, Substance and Style for yourself.
product:VMGSim V7.0.46