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VMGSIM V9.0.46

+ Released a new version (2.0) of the APR for Natural Gas property package. Contact VMG Support for details
+ Added interaction parameters to Advanced Peng Robinson for Ethanol-CO2 and Ethanol-N2 (based on data from NIST)
+ Pure Component report now shows the descriptive name of the compound\’s chemical family
+ Added the possibility of using liquid densities at different temperatures when creating hypothetical compounds
+ Added the following components,
Hydroxyacetone MW= 74.08, CASN = 116-09-6
Dimethylbenzyl Alcohol (DMBA) MW=136.19 CASN = 16308-92-2
Sodium Formate MW=68.01 CASN = 141-53-7
Sodium Phenate MW=116.09 CASN=139-02-6
o Improved NRTL parameters for Isopropanol and Water
o Improved liquid density of Ammonium Thiosulfate
o Improved the Rackett Liquid Volume calculations at pressures above the saturation point
by enhancing the calculation of critical properties used for pressure corrections to the Rackett Liquid Volume
o Updated properties for,
2,4 dichlorophenol
o Updated VMGRefProp to use RefProp 9.1
o (8.0.85) Improved tolerance for dew point calculation for certain systems
o (8.0.85) Improved H, Cp and S calculations in certain compositions of glycol/water systems
o (8.0.73) Hydrate saturation curve now estimates saturation at 25 C and 1 atm when no Pressure and Temperature are provided
o (8.0.73) Envelope unit operation gives a warning message if Hydrate calculations are enabled without Water in the compound list
o (8.0.73) Changed default value for Single Property – Compressibility criterion in Phase ID Settings to 0.307
o (8.0.50) Hydrates – Improved data fits for H2S. Improved convergence.
Fixed problems in hydrate curves that would not extend to a reasonable high pressure.
x Fixed discontinuity in thermal conductivity of water at 270 K when using Advanced Peng Robinson
x (8.0.85) Fixed a problem when selecting TRAPP for Liquid Viscosity in the Gasification 2010 property package
x (8.0.85) Fix crash when changing the Thermal estimation method in APR for Natural Gas
x (8.0.85) Fixed calculations when both \”SODIUM CHLORIDE\” and \”NaClBrine\” are present in APR for Natural Gas
x (8.0.77) Improved Cp estimation for liquid sulfur species in Claus property package
x (8.0.73) Fixed Cp deviations for TEG-Water in APRNG caused by changes to interaction parameters in original release of VMGSim 8.0.
x (8.0.60) Fixed the Expanded Fluid Viscosity model calculations that involve characterized Oils with Light Ends
x (8.0.60) Fixed estimation of coefficient of thermal expansion (DVDTP) of water for certain conditions
x (8.0.60) Do not clear inputs when creating a hypo and changing the unit set before applying the changes
x (8.0.60) Fixed the Pour Point Special Property calculation by using the correct definition of liquid density in the API correlation used for its estimation

Oil Characterization
+ Added an oil database. It includes a built-in database and also allows users to create their own databases.
It can also be used with the Oil Source unite operation to create PIONA based oil databases.
o Added a new bulk assay property in the Oil Characterization to assign a Chemical Family to all the
pseudo components of a specific assay
o Improved the Cn Compositional Analysis option in the Oil Characterization when using the
bulk Molecular Weight or Liquid Density at 60 F to perform the characterization of Cn Compositional Analysis
x Changed the naming of Cn Compositional Analysis oil pseudo components to match the Cn in their names and Chemical Formulas

Unit Operations – Ethylene Cracking Reactor
+ Included new \”Light Ends\” PIONA reactive option to handle < C10 reaction pathways
mainly for ethane, propane, and butane steam furnace cracking feeds.
+ New \”All Vapor Phase\” option added to the Ethylene Cracker and Fuel Cell units to speed up solution time
by simplifying internal flash calculations (valid when liquid will never appear in the unit).
+ Multiple tube sections input and solved within one Ethylene Cracking unit now possible including ambient transfer line sections.
+ Feature to optionally specify coil outlet pressure, coil outlet temperature, and overall conversion directly into the ethylene cracking unit operation.
+ Tube coating option included within the Ethylene Cracking reactor for coke formation rate inhibition.
+ Feed inhibitor options added within the Ethylene Cracking reactor for coke formation rate inhibition.
Inhibitor list considered includes: DMDS, Thiophene, and general Phosphorus/Sulfur component groups.
+ Center-to-center fin spacing input included in Ethylene Cracker fin option
o Reaction Zones input in the Ethylene Cracker units has been hidden and default = 1.
x (8.0.60) Corrected visibility of parallel rectangular furnace geometry input variables

Unit Operations – Miscellaneous
+ Added PVT Analysis unit operation. It can simulate the following experiments,
Constant Mass Expansion
Constant Volume Depletion
Differential Liberation
+ Storage Tanks Emissions Calculator. Based on Chapter 7 from EPA\’s guidelines (
+ Support for Extension Unit Operations
+ Heater/Cooler – Added option to add segments to the profiles for the points where a phase change occurs
+ Heat Exchanger Rating – Added option to solve from last converged solution to speed up calculations
+ Multisided Heat Exchanger Rating – Expose the heat transfer area per side and layer
+ Component Splitter – Added option to define splits by boiling point or molecular weight. Useful for oil pseudo components
+ Compressor, Expander and Pump – Added support for Reciprocating as \’Machine Type\’ in Steady State
o Flag a warning for connections across different property packages with consistent list of components when
their property estimation is different by more than 1% indicating that a cross connector is required
o Air Cooler, Heat Exchanger Rating – Improved convergence when using the \’Forced Conv Iterations\’ feature
o Heat Exchanger HTRI link – Avoid failure to create HTRI input file (.dat) when minimum and maximum temperatures are not provided.
Uses inlet and outlet temperatures are minimum and maximum for this scenarios.
o (8.0.60) Tower – Improved convergence behaviour of distillation tower when specifying 0
for internal traffic flow
x Heat Exchanger HTRI link – Fixed loss of specifications when Rating mode is switched from HTRI to VMGSim
x (8.0.85) Excel unit operation – Fixed problem of losing ability to propagate values to connections after saving the case
x (8.0.73) Relief Valve – Fixed identification of Relief Valve profiles when the design back pressure is very close to the choke pressure
x (8.0.73) Separator Sizing – Fixed reported Length to Weir value in the Separator Sizing form
x (8.0.60) Excel Unit Operation – Fixed right click menu from excel unit operations for Excel 2010 and 2013

Unit Operations – Oil Source
+ Carbon Number (Cn) Analyses have been added to the OilSource unit operation.
These analyses consist on the compositional information of feeds that describe
a combination of light ends (pure components) and Cn groups
+ Dehydrated aromatic and Aromatic/ Dehydrated Aromatic ratio experimental variables have been added.
+ Mole and Volume basis have been added to PIONA compositions.
+ The liquid density from the Bulk Experimental Variables frame in the Oil Source unit operation can be calculated
under Bulk (bulk phase @ 60 F and 1 atm) or Standard (liquid phase @ 60 F and 1 bar) conditions
+ The Saturation Pressure at a specific Temperature and, the 損lus?properties of a Carbon Number Compositional Analysis were added to the list of experimental variables in the Oil Source unit operation
+ Added a button to reset the Regressed Parameters to their default values
o Added the option of using boiling point ranges for compositional distribution in the Cn Analysis option
of the Oil Source unit operation
o The distillation curve can be always calculated.
o (8.0.60) Increased the regression speed of the OilSource unit operation by not solving
the material port during the regression calculations
x Fixed the behaviour of S and N pure compounds in the Oil Source unit operation.
If these components are strictly formed by C, H S or C, H, N then they will be tagged in the calculations
as dehydrated aromatic compounds

Unit Operations – Pipe Segment
+ Added all types of butterfly and diaphragm valves added to pipe fitting selection (Crane 2009)
x (8.0.60) Fixed calls to OLGAS correlation when using an inclined pipe

Unit Operations – Process Calculator
o (8.0.60) Process Calculator – Avoid solve passes when a change in a cell does not affect any of the exports

Unit Operations – Property Estimation
+ Added Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (dV/dT @ Constant P) to Extended properties of Material Stream and to Special Properties
+ Added Ideal Gas Cp/Cv to Extended properties of Material Stream
+ Added True Vapor Pressure at specified Storage Temperature as a Refinery Special property. The method is based on
the EPA Publication AP-42 and ASTM method D6377-10
+ Oil Prop – Density and Viscosity PVT Experimental analyses have been added to the OilProp unit operation
to regress density and viscosity model interaction parameters that match the experimental values of the PVT analysis
+ Oil Prop – Added drop down menus in the OilProp unit operation inside the Settings tab to reset density or
viscosity model interaction parameters
+ Added Reid Vapor Pressure as defined in ASTM 6377-10 method to the list of Refinery Special Properties
x (8.0.85) Hydrate unit operation – Fixed \”Is Formed\” variable for situations when only one of T Active or P Active is selected

Unit Operations – Reactors
+ Gasification – F, Sb, Ba, Be, B, Co, Hg, Sr were added to coal characterization form
o Equilibrium Reactor – Allow variables used to calculate K equilibrium to be added to regressions
o Gasification – Allow to view and edit the data used to characterize a coal
x Fuel Cell – Inner tube diameter calculation for tubular fuel cells corrected to account for radial layer thicknesses twice.

+ Pipeline pigging calculations
+ Flare Net file import
+ Chimney tray calculations
+ Material Stream feature to Record and Playback.
+ Pipe slug frequency calculations
+ Support for historical Min/Max
+ Inclined separators / heat exchangers
+ Orifice plate calculations
+ Line Sizing calculations now supported for two phase correlations
+ Multi-CPU support for dynamics engine
+ Variable Step Size option for integrator
+ New plots for valves, including installed characteristic
+ Relief valve – default inlet and outlet flange sizes
+ Allow Cause flags in Cause/Effect to be set manually when no variable connected
+ Propagate stream recording history when initializing from another stream
+ Warning for valve size inconsistent with valve/pipe diameter
+ Add two flash zone option for separator
+ Add convective boiling heat transfer option for separators
+ Add valve noise calculations
+ Add relief valve reaction force calculations
+ Add relief valve inlet dP calculations
+ Add pump internal motor
+ Add pump minimum flow recycle
+ Add pump low flow trip
+ (8.0.73) Add default PV filter to controller – value is 4x stepsize
+ (8.0.60) Flare tip calculation
+ (8.0.60) Level Taps for separator type equipment
+ (8.0.60) Separator internal level control
+ (8.0.60) Internal level control for claus condenser
+ (8.0.60) Add enlarger angle to nozzle
+ (8.0.60) Add PFS diagnostics to subflowsheet form
o (8.0.73) Allow initializing/setting velocity profile in pipe
o (8.0.73) Improve T/MW correction for compressor curves
o (8.0.73) Changed recip compressor to default to adiabatic calculations (as opposed to polytropic)
o (8.0.73) Updated default xT curve for globe valves – full open xT is now 0.68
o (8.0.73) Matches Steady State Phase ID Criteria for Default and Legacy options
o (8.0.60) Petalas friction factor for slug flow
o (8.0.60) Make valve holdup pressure match outward flow for reverse flow case
o (8.0.60) Improve convergence for cases with check valves
x Fix for cross connector problems when inlet stream close to phase boundary
x (8.0.73) Fix for electric tracing duty changing while integrator running
x (8.0.60) Fix for setting tray spacing in distillation section
x (8.0.60) Fix for cross connector problems when inlet stream close to phase boundary
x (8.0.60) Fix for ambient temperature for heat loss calculations
x (8.0.60) Fix for temperature profile during depressuring when using very small step sizes
x (8.0.60) Fix for special properties sometimes displaying zero just after integrator starts
x (8.0.60) Fix pump convergence for small negative flows
x (8.0.60) Fix heat loss calcs when efficiency specified for separator feeds

User Interface – Miscellaneous
x Subflowsheet renaming is now reflected in the Simulation Tree without the need to manually refresh
x (8.0.60) Unit Sets Form – Fixed problem of creating incomplete unit sets when saving while the view filters are active

User Interface – Reporting
+ Stop button added for Project Report when exporting to Excel or Word
+ Material Ports in summary sets now show oil assay connections
x (8.0.60) Project Report – Fixed headers and footers when exporting to Word 2013

User Interface – Visio
+ Support for Visio 64 bit
+ Print PFD now allows to print in portrait configuration in paper 8.5 x 11 inches.
o Streams that are connected to an oil assay are now coloured black
x Ctrl+F no longer crashes Visio on recalled cases with case notes open
x (8.0.73) Fixed Visio PFD printing to non-default printers with names longer than 30 characters
x (8.0.60) Corrected energy and material port location in Visio for detailed towers when different DPI settings are used

Utilities – Model Regression
o Log Least Squares objective function from Model Regression can now be used with scaling factors.
o In the Model Regression when running a case where a Consistency Error is detected, the regression do not stop working.
It continues to the next iteration by assigning a very large value to the local error
x Results frame in the results tab of the Regression is now taller to accommodate for a scroll bar.
Re-sizing bars have been added to manually adjust the height of the frames
x Avoid setting blank values back into the flowsheet when the calculations are ignoring a regressed parameter

+ Allow users to configure as a default setting the reference conditions for standard gas
o Default to \’Out\’ port when cloning a material port in a stream
x (8.0.60) Fixed problem recalling cases from previous versions with Japanese characters
product:VMGSIM V9.0.46