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Pansystem 2012

PanSystem™ – Well Test Analysis Software

PanSystem Well Test Analysis SoftwarePanSystem software has been the industry’s leading well test analysis program for more than 20 years.

PanSystem software is dedicated to well testing, a key technical function in the oil and gas industry. A pressure transient well test has the unique ability to obtain information from within the reservoir surrounding the well. With the appropriate testing techniques well testing can provide a wealth of information.

Permeability of the near-wellbore region and the reservoir-at-large
Vertical permeability, vertical communication in layered systems
Completion efficiency, effective open interval size (over life of well)
Well performance (over life of well)
Reservoir structure (boundaries, heterogeneities)
Nature of pressure support
Connected pore volume and initial hydrocarbons in place
Reservoir pressure
Production forecasts

PanSystem Well Test Analysis Software

PanSystem software provides many complementary tools for well test interpretation and analysis. This figure shows flow regimes, straight line diagnostics, and model responses (showing two sensitivities which can be seen on the plot and whose parameters are displayed in the tabbed results box bottom right).
Product:Pansystem 2012