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Stoner Pipeline Simulator v9.8.0

Stoner Pipeline Simulator (SPS) leads the world in the fidelity of
transient fluid flow simulation of natural gas pipeline networks.
Control system analysis, equipment performance analysis,
temperature analysis, composition analysis, pressure-flow capacity
analysis, or any combination of these can be simulated accurately
and easily with SPS. Of course, SPS performs simplified idealised
simulations as well. You decide the complexity to fit your needs.

Simulation Capabilities

SPS provides a comprehensive selection of equations-of-state
including BWRS, CNGA and AGA-8. SPS tracks gas composition
with proven accuracy. You can also specify unique gas properties,
such as gas ownership, and track the mixing of these properties
throughout the network.

As with equipment, you select the level of thermal modelling that
fits your study needs, from a purely isothermal analysis to a fully
transient radial heat transfer solution. SPS not only simulates the
thermodynamic behaviour of the gas and the heat transfer to its
surroundings, but also accounts for the heat capacity of the
surroundings to store and release the transferred heat.

Equipment and Controls

SPS simulates all existing equipment including pipes, centrifugal
and reciprocating compressors and station yard piping, regulators,
valves, headers and heat exchangers, exactly as configured in the
field. SPS models your entire control system, sensors, PID
controllers, relays and actuators. You can use the SPS idealised
controls for more simplified simulations.

SPS models compressors simply or in complete detail. Enter your
centrifugal compressor performance data at a single speed, and
SPS will apply fan laws to complete the performance map. You can
also specify the entire performance curve for the compressor
and/or turbine driver or simulate variable guidevane compressors.
For reciprocating compressors, use either simplified units or
detailed compressors that consider pocket displacement and
clearance ratios.
product:Stoner Pipeline Simulator v9.8.0