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Synergee gas V4.50

Optimize Asset Potential

SynerGEE® Gas’s Optimization Module (Optimizer) extends the
functionality of the core steady-state network analysis software by
conveniently combining the SynerGEE 3.x Energy Minimization
Module (EMM) and Economic Transport Module (ETM) software
into the SynerGEE 4.x architecture.

Optimizer is a separately licensed module of SynerGEE geared
toward gas transmission pipeline companies. It provides the
analytical capability to help understand and plan for the complex
dynamics between pipeline operation and pipeline economics.

Built in the user-friendly SynerGEE desktop environment,
Optimizer provides fuel and cost of fuel optimization capabilities
that allow you to minimize system-wide volumetric fuel
consumption or system-wide fuel cost. Optimizer can calculate
maximum throughput in various sections of your pipeline network
and can select the most cost-effective mix of contracts when given
access to contracts and transportation agreements.
been developed and enhanced over more than 20 years.
The optimization engine uses a suite of linear and non-linear
techniques to find the optimum operating mode based on your
objective, whether fuel, fuel cost or throughput. The mathematical
engine not only performs the optimization, but also completes it
within the constraints of pipeline hydraulics to ensure operational
integrity of the network.

The optimization engine considers the details of your system,

• Compressor operating envelopes

• Compressor discharge temperatures

• Minimum and maximum delivery pressures

• Maximum allowable operating pressure

• Regulator set points

• Receipt and delivery volumes

Optimizer determines the optimal combination of receipts and
deliveries that maximizes capacity consistent with contractual
and deliverability constraints. The economic and contractual
components of system capacity are evaluated by reviewing
revenues and costs associated with individual system sales, supply
and transportation transactions on a bulk or individual contract

Optimizer applications include throughput analysis and
maximizations, transport feasibility and system bottleneck
analysis. Optimizer is also used by pipeline facility groups to
improve pipeline designs, expedite the design process and refine
operational procedures.
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