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Schlumberger PipeSIM 2011

PIPESIM software is a steady-state, multiphase flow simulator for the design and diagnostic analysis of oil and gas production systems. PIPESIM software tools model multiphase flow from the reservoir to the wellhead. PIPESIM software also analyzes flowline and surface facility performance to generate comprehensive production system analysis.

With advanced modeling algorithms for nodal analysis, PVT analysis, gas lift, and erosion and corrosion modeling, PIPESIM software helps you optimize your production and injection operations.
New in PIPESIM 2011.1

PIPESIM 2011.1 is a significant software release, introducing new functionality throughout the application. Key new features include

new, three-phase mechanistic multiphase flow models—LedaFlow Point Model, OLGA-S v6.27, and TUFFP unified mechanistic models
improved reporting—additional reporting of heat transfer mechanisms, reporting of pressure drop across gravel pack, and a redesigned onscreen network report tool
integration with OLI ScaleChem, for scale prediction and improved corrosion modeling
GERG 2008 equation of state for CO2-rich systems
various gas lift optimization enhancements
PCP simulation, with performance curve catalogs for the industry
updated rod pump design and diagnostics
viscosity corrections for surface pumps to model diluents
various enhancements for generating ECLIPSE VFP (vertical flow performance) tables
new case studies and tutorials.
Product:Schlumberger PipeSIM 2011