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Encom Engage3D v7.0

The latest release of the Engage3D Pro
software application from Pitney Bowes
Business Insight, reinforces it as the essential
grid interpolation and 3D platform for the
MapInfo Professional
® GIS environment.
Engage3D and Engage3D Pro v7.0 notably
incorporates major enhancements in our
massive grid technology, interactive 3D
image registration, automatic batch printing
from a map series, direct import support for
ECW and ALG formats, batch operations for
image processing (such as reprojection and
clipping), as well as many enhancements.
The Engage application extends the data
handling capabilities of MapInfo Professional,
with read and write support for over one
hundred industry standard tabular, vector
and raster image data formats. These include
advanced functionality such as image
rectification and reprojection, direct ECW
and ALG import, and extensive vector import
and conversion capabilities (such as .GPX and
Google Earth .KML).
A detailed analysis and understanding
of all aspects of your datasets, such as
demographic, sales or incident information,
can add significant value to the resulting
interpretations and modelling. The Engage
application provides an extensive array of
advanced analytical functionality at your
fingertips, allowing varied datasets to be
assessed dynamically in statistical, spatial,
temporal and graphical views.
product:Encom Engage3D v7.0
Size:275 MB