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Maptek Vulcan 8.02

Vulcan, the premier 3D mining software solution in the world, allows users to validate and transform raw mining data into dynamic 3D models, accurate mine designs and operating plans.
Vulcan Bundles
Vulcan Bundles

Maptek has created a series of feature rich bundles designed to give our customers the exact set of tools they need to solve their most challenging problems. More >>
Vulcan Geology Solutions
Geology Solutions

Vulcan provides 3D software tools that allow geologists to access and view drillhole data, define geological zones and accurately model ore bodies and deposits. More >>
Vulcan Mine Planning
Mine Planning Solutions

Vulcan open pit and underground mine planning solutions provide a multitude of compelling features that allow users to develop complex 3D designs easily and quickly. More >>
Vulcan Scheduling
Scheduling Solutions

Vulcan Scheduling solutions provide tools for open pit and underground mine scheduling. More >>
Product:Maptek Vulcan 8.02
Size:676 MB