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What is photometry ?
Photometry is the study and the measurement of light.

What is illumination design ?
Illumination design is the use of photometry for the
creation of lighting or lit products.

What does SPEOS CAA V5 Based / Light Modeling bring
me ?
The Light Modeling package is the first ever high end
package to allow easy yet realistic light propagation in
CAD models.
Its transparent integration in Catia V5, allows multiple
and quick modifications from the begins of the design

How does it impact on my design process ?
SPEOS CAA V5 Based / Light Modeling is a unique tool
to understand the product lighting efficiency early on
without any real prototype.

Do I need to be an optical Engineer to use it ?
How easy to use SPEOS CAA V5 Based / Light Modeling ?
SPEOS CAA V5 Based / Light Modeling shares its GUI
with Catia V5 so that if you are already trained using
Catia it is just matter of learning few new icons.

Where can I be trained ?
Optis and its business partners offer training facilities in
Europe, North America and Asia and can also train you
at your offices.

AdvAntAges & Benefits

• fully integrated in CATIA V5
• easy to use
• supplied with source, material, surfaces libraries
• enables verification of the compliance with standards
• colorimetry analysis
• over 50% time saved on your design process

• allows multiple modifications early on to improve the
lighting systems quality and efficiency
• compatible with our SPEOS product family (visibility,
LCD modeler, photo-realism…)
• shares all libraries with SPEOS CAA V5 Based / Visual
ergonomics application
Product:OPTIS SPEOS CAA V5 Based V9.0
Size:623 MB