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OPTIS Speos v2011

OPTIS edits a range of software for the scientific simulation of light and human vision within a Virtual Reality Environment. Its solutions allow designers, ergonomists and engineers to simulate and optimize lighting performance, colors, optical effects, product lit appearance as well as the visibility and legibility of information on Human Machine Interfaces, in a fully-immersive CAD environment.

OPTIS is the only software editor of its kind to offer such a complete solution from optical design, to photometric optimization through to product visualisation all within one software, making it a truly corporate-wide solution.
The Science of light at your fingertips

OPTIS offers you a user friendly, highly intuitive simulation and visualisation tool harnessing the optics, light and human vision knowledge and experience that its team has gained over 20 years and 150 man years.
Product:OPTIS Speos v2011