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Optiwave OptiFDTD 10

The latest version of OptiFDTD maximizes the capabilities of 64-bit operating systems, providing:

* Access to large amounts of memory not possible with 32-bit operating systems.
* Scalability for multicore processors, and multiprocessor motherboards.
* Faster overall performance and rendering.
New 2D Cauchy Integral mode solver
The 2D mode solver in OptiFDTD 9.0 is now enhanced to find lossy and leaky modes, as well as surface plasmon modes. This mode solver exploits the Cauchy Integral rule – where the number of poles inside a closed path in the complex plane is given from the path integral over the contour.

New OptiMODE XS Designer (create projects out of mode solving)

OptiFDTD 10.0 introduces a new application enabling users to create complete projects out of mode solving.
In most cases, the first stage of optical design is the design of the optical waveguide itself. At this stage, mode solvers are the natural simulators to use. In OptiFDTD 10.0, one can specify materials and profiles, and then create a project
Product:Optiwave OptiFDTD 10
Size:97.6 MB