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Optiwave OptiBPM 10.0.1

OptiBPM is a comprehensive CAD environment used for the design of complex optical waveguides. Perform guiding, coupling, switching, splitting, multiplexing, and demultiplexing of optical signals in photonic devices.
Reliably characterizing the beam facilitates computer-aided design of a variety of integrated and fiber optic guided wave problems. OptiBPM delivers significant new features, such as the ability to define and use anisotropic materials in layout designs and waveguide simulations.

OptiBPM can improve design engineers’ productivity, reduce risk, and lower overall costs related to design of waveguide solutions. OptiBPM’s high-value functionality includes powerful integration capabilities with our award-winning optical communication system software, OptiSystem, and with Design Workshop’s dw-2000, a mask layout physical design and verification software.


* Design optical splitters, combiners, couplers, multiplexers, and modulators.
* Large scale optical circuit design capabilities
* Mature AWG design environment

* Model non-symmetrical waveguide structures
* Channel, rib or ridge waveguide design

* Buried waveguides
* Waveguides from a diffused process
* Sensor structures
Product:Optiwave OptiBPM 10.0.1
Size:124 MB