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Optiwave OptiSystem 11

OptiSystem 11.0
The most comprehensive optical communication design suite for optical system design engineers is now even better with the release of OptiSystem version 11, available in 32-bit and TRUE 64-bit editions.

Parallel processing using graphical processing units (GPU). OptiSystem now supports the use of GPU cards to accelerate fiber link simulations. Please refer to the section on GPU Processing in the User Reference Guide.

Optiwave Software Tools/OptiSPICE Netlist. A new component, OptiSPICE Netlist, was added to the Optiwave software tools library. The OptiSPICE Netlist component connects OptiSystem projects to optoelectronic circuits designed within OptiSPICE (by using netlist files).

OptiSystem/OptiSPICE Co-simulation. OptiSystem now supports the co-simulation of designs with the OptiSPICE optoelectronic circuit simulator. Time domain signals, defined as sampled signals in OptiSystem, are transferred between OptiSystem and OptiSPICE as electrical or optical signals. OptiSpice will receive the electrical signals as current or voltage depending on the input port defined at OptiSPICE (\”Electrical Input – Isource\” or \”Electrical Input – Vsource\” components), while optical sampled signals will be received in OptiSPICE by using the \”Optical Input\” component.

Optical Fibers Library/Multimode/Measured-Index Multimode Fiber. It is now possible to add material properties information to the Measured-Index Multimode Fiber component. The modal delay calculation now includes the material dispersion influence. Within the new Material Properties tab, the user can determine whether to include the material dispersion influence in the modal delay calculation. When selected, the user can define the host, dopant+ and dopant- material types, and link each material type to a Sellmeier coefficients text file.

MATLAB Library/MATLAB Component. The MATLAB component now supports the ability to run in a shared or dedicated mode. When in a shared mode, all connections to the server are shared through one instance of the Matlab server. When in a dedicated mode, each client connection is dedicated (separate instances).
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