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LARS Bridge CONNECT Edition V20

LARS Bridge CONNECT Edition V20

Bentley Systems announces enhancements to its latest release of LARS Bridge CONNECT Edition V20. This software brings a streamlined process to bridge load-rating modeling and analysis – for both existing and planned bridges.

LARS Bridge CONNECT Edition V20 Update Release Notes – Date: June 2020

LARS Bridge CONNECT Edition V20 is a modernized version of LARS using a completely new format and new capabilities. Please see the attached release note for changes to the LARS Bridge in this update.

LARS Bridge is a comprehensive software program that is used to model, analyze and rate different types of bridges. As the core software in the LARS Bridge family, LARS Bridge is complemented by a set of specialized modules that extend the rating functionality. Users are able to enhance the system to perform complex truss bridge rating, multiple bridge rating, data management, and data checking.

LARS Bridge delivers broad industry compatibility and fits well with the overall bridge maintenance workflow. The software conforms to the latest AASHTO Bridge Specifications for:

LRFD – Load and Resistance Factor Design

LFD – Load Factor Design

ASD – Allowable Stress Design

Using these bridge design specifications and the AASHTO Manual for Bridge Evaluation, LARS Bridge performs up-to-date LRFR (Load and Resistance Factor Rating), LFR (Load Factor Rating), and ASR (Allowable Stress Rating) bridge ratings.

The available LARS Connector module allows LARS Bridge to utilize complete bridge data from the AASHTO BRIDGEWare database, sourced by AASHTOWare Virtis and Opis software. LARS Bridge also works directly with retired-format AASHTO BARS (Bridge Analysis and Rating System) files, extending the usefulness of legacy bridge data.

LARS Bridge is used to model and analyze the most common bridge types. An easy-to-use graphical interface enables bridge engineers to quickly and efficiently enter all bridge data needed for load rating analysis. Graphical tools display a variety of analysis results generated by the analytical engine: moment and shear envelopes, available capacity for live load, actual live load plus impact, dead load, and superimposed dead load. LARS Bridge displays influence lines for moment and shear at checkpoints along the structure. Engineers can choose from numerous report types to provide tabular, detail, and summary results at any location within the member. Additionally, LARS Bridge is an AASHTO-approved load rating engine that runs within Virtis. The ability to use LARS Bridge inside or outside of Virtis brings an additional level of workflow flexibility in how LARS Bridge can be deployed by organizations.

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