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Petrosys 16.8 Win32

n the complicated game of petroleum exploration and production, there are no absolutes. High stakes decisions must be made based on the best knowledge and opinions derived after accumulating and interpreting the scientific, technical and economic data and ideas worthy of consideration.

Individual specialists use a broad range of software tools tailored to their specific disciplines. Decision making in the E&P process requires that information from different disciplines can be viewed together, in context. The universal presentation and decision making form of choice? A well-constructed map. And that\’s where Petrosys separates the regular mappers from true mapping gurus.

Petrosys simply provides the best way of creating precise and meaningful maps from the diverse sources of information involved in petroleum exploration and production. Petrosys software provides a unique combination of quality output, comprehensive mapping, visualization & surface modeling calculations for integrating data from the wide range of seismic, well, engineering & economic systems.

Petrosys’ proven capabilities and ease of use is an established part of the workflow amongst the world’s most successful exploration groups. There is no doubt that fitting Petrosys to your existing E&P environment will improve the ability of your team to share, integrate, manage and distribute information by being able to produce better maps more directly in less time.

Ease of Use

Luckily for you the application is also easy to use. You\’ll be creating impressive maps in as little as a day. You\’ll be a Petrosys convert and rapidly progressing towards guru status, because the whole idea of this ingenious software program is to make it much easier and faster for you to do your job. Click here to read more about oil and gas mapping.

The Petrosys map view is complemented by 3D visualization. Three dimensional visualization makes it much easier to understand the relationships between surfaces and the exploration and production assets and activities that relate to them. Petrosys’ visualization allows the comprehensive data presented in map views to be put in the 3D context of an interactively viewable representation of wells and surfaces, to facilitate effective review and quality control of the interpretation and decision making process. Click here to read more about 3D visualization.

Direct Access

Fly through all your applications to see the big picture in all its stunning clarity. The real beauty of Petrosys software is that it allows you to tap into all of the best data sources seamlessly to gather the information that suits your particular need. At this point creating your mapping masterpiece becomes simply a matter of interpreting, modelling, integrating and reporting your data from the single view Petrosys enables.

Petrosys connects directly and very compatibly with OpenWorks, GeoFrame, Finder, SMT, Petra, Oracle, ArcSDE, you name it. Direct access to data in popular workstation systems and spatial and image data stores is complemented by built in editing tools for seismic times, depths and velocities, well survey and zone data, and general spatial data such as leases, pipelines and boundaries. A wide range of import/export and digitizing options ensures that Petrosys can be integrated into any E&P workflow. Click here to read more about integration
Product:Petrosys 16.8 Win32
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