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Encina (c) FrameWright for Archicad 14 v2.9.0.0

Encina has developed a powerful timber framing add-on
for ArchiCAD in partnership with The Oak Frame
Carpentry Company Ltd. Designing the software in
cooperation with a framer has ensured the objects and
tools are relevant, familiar, and easy to use. Some of
the highlights are listed below.

True 3D representation provides superb visualisation
for customers and carpenters alike, but the benefits
run much deeper. A full project model helps to
validate your design (particularly at complex joints)
and ensures your documentation is coordinated.

FrameWright provides a full suite of timber objects to
construct building models with. All objects can be
edited in 2D and 3D, and – thanks to the integrated
ArchiCAD building model – every change is reflected
throughout your documentation. These features enable
you to respond quickly and accurately to client
requests for variations.

Layups or bents are often set out flat on the workshop
floor prior to construction on site. Working in
FrameWright Pro mirrors this approach – a frame can be
constructed in a plan view by placing, cutting, and
rotating timber objects, and finally tilting the
completed assembly into the model.

FrameWright also supports repeated editing of frames
through its \’Assembly\’ tools. Any selection of framing
objects can be designated as an 慉ssembly? enabling
you to define and recall two working planes: one in
plan for easy editing, and the other correctly
positioned in the building. Frames can be
automatically transformed to either plane on request.

All timber can be automatically numbered or scheduled
on the fly.

The Timber Schedule is a detailed list of timber in
either the current selection or the entire project.
There is no grouping ?every timber is listed on a
separate line. A cost is calculated based on the
timber type, volume (including additional length for
joints), and labour.

The Cutting List is a report typically issued to a
lumber yard. All timber with the same attributes (type
and size) will be grouped on the same line, showing
the quantity and total calculated volume. Timber sizes
are adjusted to specified, standard increments.

A comprehensive collection of timber objects are built
into FrameWright, including jowls, cambered, tapered,
and curved. These are not simply \’dumb\’ shapes, but
dynamic software components designed to simulate the
behaviour, properties, and measurable quantities of
their real-world counterparts. All objects may be
freely cut, rotated, jointed, and linked to a
lay-up.You can save copies of these objects with your
preferred settings or use FrameWright\’s profiling
tools to create new shapes.

FrameWright also provides a library of steel objects
including beam, joist, column, castellated, channel,
angle, asymmetric, and hollow (rectilinear and round).
Numbering, scheduling, and jointing does not apply to
steel framing.

An ArchiCAD project model is a unified source for all
documentation, including workshop plans/sections, 3D
illustrations, schedules, and presentation drawings.
With FrameWright, all timber objects render themselves
correctly in 2D and 3D, and can optionally display
information such as a cut ID and the status of the

Associative dimensions can be placed against the
framing, and sections/elevations projected from the
model. Alteration to the design are automatically
echoed in all the documentation because they all
originate from a single 3D model.

FrameWright enables you to define an unlimited number
of joint types which describe the extra timber and
time required for construction. Joints may be added or
edited on the fly, and the data automatically echoed
through the schedule and cutting list.

Jointing information is embedded in every framing
member as the project is developed. The framing
objects can display the status of the jointing
information (defined or undefined) and the software
will assist you in locating joints which have not been

This means less time to prepare cost estimates and
working drawings, reduced scope for errors, and the
added bonus of walk-throughs and perspectives. Design
alterations are simple to produce, and changes are
automatically echoed throughout the documentation.
Encina makes design flexibility a high priority. Our
primary aims are to:
product:Encina (c) FrameWright for Archicad 14 v2.9.0.0
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