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Graphisoft EcoDesigner v14.0.0.3004 For ArchiCAD 14

The truth of sustainable design is that
approximately 80% of the design decisions that
influence a building\’s energy performance are
made by the architect in the early design phase;
the remaining 20% are made by engineers at the
later phases of design. Therefore it is crucially
important for architects to be able to utilise a
quick and reliable energy performance evaluation
at the very early stage of the building design

Using GRAPHISOFT EcoDesigner architects can
easily analyze, at an early stage, their design
for energy efficiency. Providing invaluable
feedback on the building\’s energy performance
means the architect can make better decisions on
how to conform to regulations and satisfy the
interests of the client and the operator of the
building. Ultimately, with energy efficiency we
all win!
Product:Graphisoft EcoDesigner v14.0.0.3004 For ArchiCAD 14
Size:43 MB