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Encom Discover 12

EncomTM DiscoverTM v12.0
Pitney Bowes Business Insight’s latest release of Encom Discover showcases the
ongoing innovative developments that have made Discover the ‘must-have’ GIS
application for geoscientists worldwide. Additions include major enhancements in our
massive grid technology, a new drillhole cross-section generation tool and easy section
regeneration, automatic batch printing from a map series, as well as numerous other
Features available in this release of Encom Discover are:
General Improvements
• Support for MapInfo Professional 10.5
• Free Discover 3D viewer included
• Simplified installation – Discover and Discover 3D are now bundled in the same
• Import support added for typical ALG formats as rasters (such as ECWs, BILs and
ERMapper grids)
• AcQuire API support updated to
Discover 12.0 users can now open and visualise (but not modify) existing Discover 3D
sessions with the free installed 3D viewer. This means that power 3D users can share
• Added import support for Arc binary FLT and DTED grid formats
• All surfaces tools can now be configured to output the same default grid format
• Many tools can now output grids in the Arc binary FLT format.
• Incorporates line of sight visualisation from the profile start point
• The user can extract attributes from intersecting layers
product:Encom Discover 12
Size:345 MB