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GPSMapEdit v1.0.62.1

Fix: Crash in \’Tools | Find by Address\’ (thanks to Ar\’t).

GPSMapEdit 1.0 (update 62.0)
(June 7th, 2010)
Enhancement: Independent showing/hiding attached raster maps and vector data (two menu items: \’View | Show Attached Raster Maps\’ and \’View | Show Attached Waypoints/Routes/Tracks\’).
New feature: Context menu of the tool \’Edit Nodes\’ clicked at any edge of a polygon provides new item \’Bisect Polygon Here\’. This menu item bisects polygon by line perpendicular to the edge.
New feature: Multiple points may be converted to bookmarks (please see the context menu item \’Modify | Kind | Convert to Bookmark…\’).
New feature: Changing type for multiple bookmarks (please see the context menu item \’Modify | Type…\’).
Enhancement: New mode \”Diamonds\” is available to display polyline and polygon vertices in the tool \’Tools | Edit Nodes\’. The mode may be selected at menu item \’Tools | Options\’, \’Edit\’ tab, combobox \’Node shape\’ (thanks to L_G).
Enhancement: Better showing of rubber line of newly created object and while moving vertices of an existing object (thanks to L_G).
Enhancement: Multiple selection in \’Tools | Edit Postal Address Items\’ is allowed; deleting a single item keeps selection to the next one, if any (thanks to vasketsov).
Enhancement: Buttons of the toolbar having sub-menus now display their pressed state correctly.
New feature: The button of toolbar \’Highlight Road Classes\’ provides sub-menu to setup the filter of kind of vehicles to highlight as dashed lines.
To setup the colors for such highlighting, please use menu item \’Tools | Options…\’, \’View\’ tab, button \”Colors for Routing Classes\”.
New feature: Importing format ArcView .MDB (menu item \’File | Import | ESRI database (*.mdb)\’).
Enhancement: All trans-*.dat files with transliteration tables are moved to the subfolder _Transliteration relative to mapedit.exe.
Enhancement: Tracking changes of currently edited map from any outside applications, showing warning messages about such changes.
Enhancement: Showing warning message on opening and on re-saving read-only .MP files (thanks to Evg33).
Fix: Changing type of routable polyline to non-routable type (e.g., highway to railway) the polyline is now removed from the routing graph (thanks to ian).
Enhancement: New item \’Customize Menu & Toolbar\’ is added to the context menu of the toolbar.
Enhancement: The list box in the \’Customize Menu & Toolbar\’ now shows icons from the toolbar buttons.
Enhancement: The list of bookmarks (menu item \’View | List of Bookmarks\’) shows icons of bookmark types, and the count of selected bookmarks is displayed.
Enhancement: The button \”Refresh\” is added to menu item \’File | Map Properties\’, \’Bounds\’ tab (thanks to
Enhancement: The shapefiles (.SHP) and MapInfo MIF/MID import wizard now provides additional 3rd step allowing to define relationships among table columns and additional attributes (it was previously available at the 2nd step), plus the checkbox \”Save all input fields to \’comment\’ attribute\”.
Enhancement: The 3rd step of the import wizard now supports table columns describing the numbering along street in form of 2 starting and 2 ending numbers (left/right) per polyline.
Enhancement: Menu item \’Tools | Find by Address\’ now saves the selected city, and displays the count of found streets (thanks to jurka, PbIXTOP).
Fix: Performance of \’Verify Map\’ for polygons checking now does not depend on area covered by attached tracks or waypoints (thanks to Gary Turner).
Enhancement: The input fields of time intervals for turn restrictions are verified to be less or equal 24 hours and less or equal 59 minutes (thanks to Lesha37).
Fix: Menu item \’View | Locate Selection\’ now may switch zoom level to ensure the selection becomes visible (thanks to autostavrroute).
Enhancement: On loading any type of track, all detected \’jumps\’ (in time and space) are automatically replaced with breaks into two or more separated track parts.
Enhancement: The menu item \’Tools | Clear External Nodes\’ is replaced to \’Tools | Reset External Nodes\’, that resets the flag of external node, but no turn restrictions are added.
Enhancement: Menu item \’Tools | Split Map to Files\’ defines the prefix \”s-\” for files in south hemispere (instead of previous prefix \”-\”) for better sorting of resulting files in the Explorer.
Fix: Result of pressing button \”Copy from Nearest Address\” (in Object Properties) in some cases (thanks to autostavrroute).
Fix: Refreshing the list of attached files (menu item \’View | List of Attachments\’) after pressing button \”Add\” (thanks to Gary Turner).
product:GPSMapEdit v1.0.62.1
Size:5 MB