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SimSci Esscor PROII V8.3

RO/II version 8.3 continues the PRO/II tradition of offering the finest simulation models and tools. Enhancements in all areas of the program are incorporated in this release. Invensys Process Systems continually adds new capabilities. For a summary of defects fixed and other important notices about installation, security and documentation, please refer to the Release Notes for PRO/II 8.3. A sampling of the new features are briefly outlined here.

Upgrade to SIM4ME Version 3.3 Thermodynamics:

PRO/II has been upgraded to use the most recent version of SIM4ME thermodynamics. Additionally, the updated SIM4ME Thermodynamics has been integrated with TDM, the Thermodynamics Data Manager. This eliminates many inconsistencies between the two products. New features that this development brings to users include the following.

New Correlations for some property calculations

Component Databank cascading

User component data banks now are included in, and selectable from, the standard databank lists in PROVISION.

SIM4ME Portal Phase II Integration:

Integration of SIM4ME Portal Phase II allows PRO/II to utilize new functionality within the Portal, including:

case studies,

multi- simulation linking, and

assay input information access.

PROVISION Support for Keyword-only Features

Previously available only through key words, the following features now are fully supported by the Graphical User Interface:

Method-specific component search order: The GUI now supports each thermodynamic METHOD set using its own specific databank search order. Previously, the GUI only allowed the same search order for all METHOD sets in the simulation.

Component-specific databank search order: The PROVISION Graphical User Interface now supports a separate databank search order for each component.

Solids Unit Operations: The PROVISION Graphical User Interface now supports these additional solids-handling unit operations:

Solids Dryer

Rotary Drum Filter


Upstream Unit Operation: Long available only through key words, this unit now is fully supported in PROVISION. This unit provides four different modes of operation that simulate different methods of preparing laboratory and applying it to a simulation. A fifth option, the \”Stream Selector\”, allows changing feeds to a unit in parametric studies.

Customizable Language Module Infrastructure:

A new infrastructure provides a repeatable process for customizing many PRO/II features to interact with users in local languages other than English. PRO/II features that support this include:

PRO/II error message windows and pop-up (OK/Cancel) windows.

Error and status messages displayed as part of \”smart commit\” and \”cross checks\” (that fundamentally come from the same underlying PRO/II error message system).

Main menu bar

Drop-down menus from the main menu bar, and

Right-click (action) menus.

Japanese Language Module Add-on: This module provides Japanese language support for the features listed above.

These enhancements do not enable users to enter descriptive text using local languages.

Improved Database Containerization – PRZ Enhancements

Several additional types of data files now are saved in the compressed simulation archive (the \”.PRZ\” file). The newly supported file types include:

\”.HTRI\” files – data files uses to exchange data between an HTRI program and the Rigorous Heat exchanger model in PRO/II.

Pipe Phase files that exchange data between the PipePhase Unit Operation in PRO/II and the PipePhase simulation program.

CapeOpen files used by Cape Open unit operations.

AMSIM data files.

Excel Unit Operation spreadsheets

Property table \”.INI\” definition and configuration files.

\”.SLB\” (and other) files used for Thermodynamics data serialization

RATEFRAC® Integration with Electrolytes:

The RATEFRAC® rate-based algorithm now is available within distillation columns that utilize electrolytic thermodynamic systems.

RATEFRAC® Support for Chemical Reactions:

The RATEFRAC® distillation algorithm now supports reactions within the column based on either equilibrium or non-equilibrium stages.
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