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Simsci Hextran v9.2

HEXTRAN heat-transfer simulation software offers features that enable you to easily evaluate complex design, operational and retrofit situations.
HEXTRAN, powered by the SIM4ME common modeling environment, is the core heat transfer technology for SimSci-Esscor products. HEXTRAN has a Java-based graphical user interface with an HTML help system that enables the production of standard TEMA exchanger data sheets in either HTML and Excel formats. It also offers superior post-processing displays and plots results from network targeting, grand composite curves and zone analysis exercises.
HEXTRAN provides new efficiencies in all types of design and operational analysis work, such as individual exchanger and network designs, pinch analysis, exchanger zone analysis, split flow, area payout and cleaning cycle optimizations.
Key Benefits
Improved process heat transfer, product yield and quality
Increased energy efficiency and significantly reduced operating costs
Increased plant flexibility and throughput
Optimized cleaning schedule for exchangers
Optimal anti-foulant selection and usage
Improved process designs and revamps
Key Capabilities
Enables the design of both simple and complex heat-transfer systems, resulting in cost effective, flexible processes
Allows you to retrofit existing equipment and revamp heat exchanger networks to yield optimum performance
Enables the identification of cleaning incentives and the prediction of future performance
product:Simsci Hextran v9.2