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Economiser Design Module

FireCAD Economiser design module is a windows based user friendly design software. Using this module, Engineers can design a wide variety of Economisers for Fired Boilers, Waste Heat Boilers, HRSGs and for other hot gas sources of Chemical plants.
Large database of Waste heat gases and Boiler Exhaust gases is provided.
All types of Bare tube, Fin tube and Gill tube Economisers can be designed.
Price : US$ 198/-

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Extensive Waste gas database is provided. Users can select any listed gas from database or add their custom gases to database.
Bare tube, Fin tube and Gill tube Economisers can be designed. A database of Industrial standard Fins and Gills has been provided so that users can directly select Fin or Gill of thier choice to use in design.
AutoDesign feature gives optimum design of Economisers. Users are alerted if any of the important design parameters exceed their limiting values.
Create design reports with printing option.
Online help with sample design calculations
Tip of the day gives several design tips.
MKS/SI/FPS units supported
Developed using latest .NET technologies of C# and XML
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