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Invensys Simsci Romeo 4.3.1

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ROMeo is an advanced, unified modeling environment for both off-line and on-line optimization, designed to help maximize the profitability of refining, petrochemical, and chemical processes. Working within an easy-to-use, Microsoft® Windows-based environment and enhanced by open application architecture, ROMeo lets you realize the benefits of process optimization across your entire enterprise. On-line modeling and equation-based optimization capabilities provide more accurate, current operating information to better manage changing market pressures, product values, energy costs, and equipment performance.

• What-if analyses improves product yields and quality
• Quickly identify and resolve problems
• Reduce cost and increase profits by managing operating constraints
• Optimally use personnel, inventory, and capital resources
• Ensure predictability in operations; avoid excursions
• Accurate, current information for planning and operations



Key Features

With ROMeo, you model, simulate, and analyze your plant’s behavior and optimize performance, based on a wide range of operational and economic conditions. When you put the system on-line, you manage ongoing changes and report status all within the same environment. ROMeo is based on SimSci-Esscor’s next generation, open application architecture and provides a range of unique technologies and features you won’t find anywhere else:
• New True Multiuser Environment allows multiple users to share a single machine for ROMeo User added model as well as application development with independent workspaces.
• Enhanced Collocation model for solving differential equations.
• Enhanced XML-based reporting allows complete flexibility to the user to customize their reports.
• An integrated, algebraic modeling language that allows flexible, end-user customization and extension of library models.
• A unified modeling environment that allows complete flowsheet definition, setup simulation, data reconciliation, and optimization through a single, easy-to-use interface.
• A Windows-compliant PROVISION GUI that makes it easy to import PRO/II models into ROMeo and is interactive with other Windows compliant desktop applications.
• An equation-based optimization engine to substantially improve performance and support modeling of much larger problems.
• Proven thermodynamic module that ensures accurate and predictable results, the same module used in PRO/II and recognized as the Gold Standard in the refining industry.
• A suite of external data interfaces through ODBC, SQL, @aGlance, CORBA, and OLE standards. Based on a commercial, object-oriented database, these simplify integration with other applications.
• An open, object-oriented, client/server architecture that makes it easy to integrate other best-in-class technologies into the ROMeo application so you can better manage process, support, and improvement activities across your organization.




Use ROMeo for unit and/or plant-wide optimization involving:
• Crude units
• FCCU – Main fractionator plant
• Ethylene and other olefin plants
• Gas plants including gas compression systems, separations, and turbo expansion plants
• Other refinery and petrochemical process plants

product:Invensys Simsci Romeo 4.3.1