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Bentley IRASB XM

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Bentley I/RAS B is a powerful tool for organizations that work with scanned raster data. A proven raster editor, it offers a complete set of tools to meet the needs of mappers, engineers, architects and facilities managers. Bentley I/RAS B is an essential element in any MicroStation workflow, as it is the ideal product to digitally archive, clean up or convert scanned legacy drawings.

With Bentley I/RAS B tools, you can restore and revise legacy drawings in raster format. Bentley I/RAS B includes a full suite of engineering tools to help in the conversion from raster to vector. Work completely in raster, convert to vectors, or work with hybrid raster/vector files.

Using Bentley I/RAS B conversion and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) features, you can edit the raster images using a range of flexible and intuitive tools that operate as easily as vector design tools.  Designed for production efficiency, Bentley I/RAS B enhances any workflow. Superior editing tools, automatic line-following capabilities, and OCR-queued text replacement functionality automate conversion tasks, allowing you to decrease design time and to streamline workflows.

IRAS/B supports most industry-standard formats, is ProjectWise compliant and fully integrated into MicroStation and Bentley PowerDraft.

Product:Bentley IRASB XM