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Invensys Simsci HexTran 9.1

HEXTRAN is the core heat transfer technology for all of SIM4ME. Users will instantly recognize the look-and-feel upgrades in the latest version. The GUI is Java-based, and offers a built-in HTML help system. These characteristics enable the production of standard TEMA exchanger data sheets in both HTML and Excel formats. The new GUI also offers superior post-processing displays and plots of results from network targeting, grand composite curves, and zone analysis exercises.

HEXTRAN users will find that it provides new efficiencies in all types of design and operational analysis work: individual exchanger and network designs, pinch analysis, exchanger zone analysis, split flow, area payout, and cleaning cycle optimizations.

Your Tool for Greater Profitability

Using HEXTRAN to simulate actual performance can make the difference between profit or loss. HEXTRAN helps you achieve cost effective improvements such as:
• Improved process heat-transfer, product yield, and quality
• Increased energy efficiency and significantly reduced operating costs
• Increased plant flexibility and throughput
• Optimized cleaning schedule for exchangers
• Optimal antifoulant selection and usage
• Improved process designs and revamps


The HEXTRAN process heat-transfer simulator offers all the features that enable you to easily evaluate complex design, operational, and retrofit situations. You can design new systems for maximum efficiency and also identify problems, anywhere, before they happen.

A Design Tool – HEXTRAN enables the design of both simple and complex heat-transfer systems, resulting in cost effective, flexible processes.

A Retrofit Tool – HEXTRAN allows you to retrofit existing equipment and revamp heat exchanger networks to yield optimum performance.

An Operations Tool – HEXTRAN enables the identification of cleaning incentives and the prediction of future performance.

Easy Upgrade

HEXTRAN’s Comprehensive, Robust, and Reliable Calculation Engine is Newly Modularized – Current HEXTRAN users will find all prior calculation features in the new version, including all links to third party software such as HTRI and HTFS programs.

All of the targeting, synthesis, design, rating, and optimization technologies HEXTRAN users trust are included in the latest version, along with the comprehensive thermodynamic and physical property data banks that have become industry standards. We have virtually eliminated prior limits on the number of components or pieces of equipment.

Clear Upgrade Path Brings all HEXTRAN Users Forward – The latest version will automatically convert yourprevious version’skeyword input files or GUI database files to take full advantage of the new SIM4ME environment.

New, Thin-Client Platform and Microsoft Sequel Server Offer Improved Access and Distribution Power – Our new architecture also allows for PC LAN, WAN, and stand-alone, collocated platforms supporting all security levels. This gives great flexibility in licensing and securing modules, using any of the FlexLM, ELAN, or Dallas security technologies.

product:Invensys Simsci HexTran 9.1