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Liscad v9.02

LISCAD is a purpose made software for the Engineer and Surveyor. Data from virtually any surveying instrument can be imported and turned into finished plans so easily; you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

You’ve collected your data. The hard work is done. Or so you think. Without the right software to process that data you could end up in a real mess.

Software Modules

For convenience, LISCAD is available in modular form so you only need the software necessary to fulfil your daily tasks. LISCAD is available in English (UK), English (US), Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Russian and Spanish.

Lite – Just for starters. LISCAD Lite is an abbreviated version for data reduction, plus import / export of other systems, including DXF and DGN.

Computations has a virtually unlimited sized database featuring full connectivity for features, layers, codes and attributes. Full COGO functions, editing for multiple object types, including lines, splines arcs and spirals, plus support for text are all included.

Input/Output for transferring data to and from other systems, plus support for over 40 different total stations and GPS systems. Import and export a variety of exchange files including DXF, DGN and ARC/INFO.

Modelling validates and computes digital terrain models, segments breaklines and generates contour maps, complete with user defined labels.

Volumes calculates quantities to a base datum, or between surfaces. A new model of height differences can be generated.

3D Visualisation allows easy navigation around the model with walk, fly, orbit, zoom and pan cameras. The 3D model appearance may be realistically enhanced and edited with colour, textures and image draping.

Profiles – Powerful and flexible section generation, Point and line editing, and area volumes and comprehensive export to other CAD systems.

Engineering Design the powerful condition based design system can easily generate design elements for building structures like dams and multi-lane highways.

Background Images, allows the import of aerial photographs, satellite images and maps, which can be georeferenced. This allows for the correlation of images to your vector geometry, as well as on-screen digitizing.

Adjustment calculates a rigorous least squares adjustment for your field data.

Transformations will transform a coordinate set between projections, plus perform an affine, semi-affine or full 3D conformal transformation.

Resource Editor is the ultimate in personalised software. Edit existing symbols, line styles and fonts or create your own libraries.

LISCAD CAD is the Windows(TM) CAD package designed for Field to Finish productivity.

Supported Sensors

LISCAD processes surveying data from a variety of surveying sensors including:

* Total Stations: TPS1200, TPS1100, TPS1000, TPS700 and TPS400 Series
* GPS System 1200, GPS System 500
* Sensors from other manufacturers

Software Packages

LISCAD can be customised with any of the modules available. However the most economical way to purchase LISCAD is with a pre-configured package:
o LISCAD Lite: Preparing field data for input into a CAD system
o LISCAD Standard: Includes Computations, Input/Output, Adjustment and Transformations
o LISCAD Professional: Includes Computations, Input/Output, Adjustment, Transformations, Background Images, Modelling, Volumes, Engineering Design and Profiles
o LISCAD Education Network: Includes all modules and runs on a network with up to 10 user s at a time (For educational institutions only)
o Upgrades: Upgrades from any previous versions are possible

System Requirements
o Any PC that will effectively run Windows 95/98/Me/NR/2000/XP
o 30MB of available disk space (typical installation)
o Super VGA (800×600) or higher resolution video adapter
o Keyboard or Mouse or compatible pointing device
o Appropriate interface port for data transfer
Product:Liscad v9.02
Lanaguage:Multi Language
Size: 78MB