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Sendra 2009.2 P1

Sendra 2009.2 P1 Release.

Major improvments are:

  • Multi-scenario is now included for both Simulation and Estimation
  • The plotting package has been upgraded and hence Sendra has become more stable
  • The same is the case with all tables – severely cleaned up and hence Sendra is more stable
  • Log plot is now available
  • Tabular values for relative permeability and capillary does not need to be strictly increasing/decreasing – oscillations are accepted
  • Units have properly been included for all properties – especially water saturation profiles. Experimental error follows the unit for the appropriate property
  • Expansion and collapse of Project explorer works properly
  • A number of minor bug fixes to remove various freezing of the software

Sendra 2009 News

We are now very happy to launch the brand new version of Sendra. Sendra is now running under MS Windows with a fully redesigned and modern user interface. Sendra 2009 is a core flow simulator for simulation of SCAL experiments and determination of relative permeabilities and capillary pressure.  
product:Sendra 2009.2 P1