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T*SOL Expert 4.5

T*SOL Expert 4.5 is now available with the brand new Solar Local District Heating module, which is the third extra module available with the programme. The extra module can be ordered in addition to the standard T*SOL Expert programme and is always included in the new T*SOL Expert Set.
The solar local district heating module is a tool for the simulation and design of local district heating systems supported by solar energy, including 9 variable system types. Building on the experience of ZfS-Rationellen Energietechnik GmbH, the most important system types (in respect of network structure, the system applications in the buildings connected to the network and the integration of the solar system) are illustrated in T*SOL Expert’s local district heating network.
The other new programme features are:

  • Automatic internet update. Once a day, when starting the programme, a check is made via the existing internet connection to see whether a new programme release is available. If so, this will be offered for installation free of charge.
  • Process heating. There are 2 new systems, A13 and A14, with a new appliance type. With the new process heating appliance, temperature levels can be freely-defined. The new A15 system allows you to define a solar system where the delivered energy is dependent only on the temperature level and the volumetric flow rate of the appliance.
  • Two collector arrays. The three new system configurations, A1-OW, A2-OW and A5-OW, make it possible for two collector loops to be defined independently from each other.
  • The design and simulation of a system for solar heating support only is now possible with system A8.
  • The design assistant has a new layout.
  • The detailed project report is now available in all 5 programme languages.
  • In the boiler selection dialogue, the boilers can now also be sorted by boiler type.
  • There are 4 new DHW consumption profiles, according to VDI 6002 page 2: Hospital, Summer Camping, All-Year Camping and Indoor Swimming Pool
  • The collector database has been updated.

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