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Petrosys 16.6.2

“Mapping guru” Petrosys has released v16.6 of its industry leading mapping and modelling software.

Version 16.6 sees the introduction of checkshot data to the WDF. This major enhancement will see an improvement in your depth conversion work flows, as zone interval and average
velocities are now automatically computed.

WMS imagery can now be displayed on Petrosys maps using the Display/Picture/Raster option. WMS images are standard raster data formats (such as png and jpeg) that are accessed from a web server instead of being read from a file based source. All kinds of
imagery are available from WMS servers, including satellite and aerial photography, with many sources free for use.

Petrosys\’ integration with Petrel has been strengthened with the addition of several new features, which combined with the existing plug-in function provide complete exploration
and development mapping workflows. Petrosys presentation and decision quality maps allow geoscientists and engineers to combine information from their entire work flow in Petrel with the many 3rd party data geoscience and GIS data sources accessible through Petrosys.

Building on Petrosys\’ commitment to connectivity, three new well data sources are available to Windows users. Petrel, Petra and SeisWare wells can all now be displayed directly in
a Petrosys map. Further, working with wells is even simpler with our unified well display interface and reservoir & penetration mapping features have been enhanced.

The highlights of this release are:

  • WDF nows supports Time/Depth data and improves depth conversion workflows.
  • New Web Maps Service (WMS) image display.
  • Major improvements to the Petrosys Plug-in for Petrel.
  • Well display simplified + new data sources and functionality added.
  • Copy data more easily between WDF\’s.
  • ODM integration enhanced.
  • Improved spatial export of attributes and Z-values.
  • Browse files + launch applications more easily from Petrosys reports.
  • Landgrid usage enhanced through global default.
  • Landmark color gradient import added.
  • Windows 3D viewer made faster.

Product:Petrosys 16.6.2