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ERDAS LPS 2010  is a complete suite of photogrammetric production tools for triangulation, generating terrain models, producing orthomosaics and extracting 3D features. Automating precision measurement, maintaining accuracy, and including flexible operations such as terrain editing and feature extraction, LPS increases productivity while ensuring high accuracy. Offering a variety of functional add-on modules, LPS adapts to your specific business needs, enabling a seamless, process-driven workflow.

LPS 2010 is a powerful softcopy photogrammetry system for a variety of workflows, including defense, remote-area mapping, transportation planning, orthophoto production (for basemap generation) and close-range applications. LPS eATE enables users to generate high-resolution terrain information from stereo imagery like never before, ensuring speed and accuracy, providing an unparalleled environment for processing terrain data from airborne and satellite sensors.

product:ERDAS LPS 2010