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Encom EM Flow 3.30

EM Flow 3.3 offers display, analysis and interpretation of single or multi component airborne time and frequency EM data.

The software is designed to operate on large EM datasets and provide conductivity depth sections plus anomaly identification and modelling tools. the program operation is usually tailored by processing one or two lines and then applying the parameters to the remainder of the survey or specified lines.

In recent years the exploration industry has witnessed an unprecedented increase in the application of both time and frequency domain EM techniques for geological mapping, orebody search, salinity and environmental applications.

A typical EM survey will produce 500 line kilometres per day averaging 40,000 transients of from 12 to 256 samples each. Up to 50 million data points are acquired per day. Manual interpretation of this data volume is slow and previous quantitative inversion techniques using conventional layered approximations take 20 seconds per reading on a fast PC. This equates to 278 hours or 12 days of computation for one day of flying. In only 1.5 hours EM Flow can process and produce interpretation products from a day\’s survey data.

EM Flow uses EM theory developed by Encom and CRC-AMET, the Australian minerals exploration industry research organisation. Theoretically defined EM system waveforms are used to deconvolve measured EM multi-component, multi-channel line data. Interactive user controls provide progress information on data processing resulting in the display of conductivity depth images (CDIs).

Product:Encom EM Flow 3.30