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JOA Jewel Suite 2008

JewelSuite™ changes the way you think about geologic modeling and reservoir simulation; We bring the E&P industry software which is easy to use, deals with complex reservoirs fast, and delivers accurate results.

Our ‘4 models in 1’ vision allows for real Asset Team Decision Making in an unparalleled collaborative fashion.


  • JewelSuite™ integrates seismic data, the geological model, flow simulation, and full field geomechanics in one workflow.
  • JewelSuite™ allows all disciplines to work from the same grid, with a free flow of data to and from the different models.
  • Multiple scenarios (static, dynamic, and geomechanics) can be easily tested and tried.
  • JewelSuite™ Well Planning module enables different development scenarios to be designed.

JewelSuite™ is windows-based. The heart of it is its patented 3D grid technology which allows modeling of very complex geology as well as seamless integration between static and dynamic modeling. Our customers recognize numerous benefits and unique features:

  • Honors realistic and detailed geology (picture above) throughout the entire workflow due to the unique and patented JOA® Grid technology
  • Automated structural modeling – JewelSuite™ provides various steps to (semi) automatically create a water-tight structural framework of horizons and faults
  • Asset Team Decision making – 4 models in 1: seismic, geological, flow simulation, and geomechanical model data available in one environment creates effective collaboration between geoscientists, RE/PE/drilling engineers, and asset managers
  • Easy and intuitive to learn
  • Fast model updates – complex reservoir models can be easily updated and modified, to incorporate new (well) information or build alternative geological scenarios
  • Accurate Flow Simulation – the patented 3D grid technology in JewelSuite™ creates vertical stacks of cells (with an orthogonal footprint), which for simulation purposes provides more accurate results for the prediction of oil-water displacements
  • Compatibility – JewelSuite™ offers a rich data structure for 3D models and therefore 3D grids of other modeling application can be im ported and transformed into more accurate JewelSuite™ models
  • Fast learning curve: JewelSuite™ is highly intuitive and uses unique step-by-step workflow process guidance

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