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T-TECTO is a computer program which enables fast and simple paleostress and kinematic analysis of heterogeneous and homogeneous fault-slip data using the Gauss method (┼Żalohar and Vrabec, 2007). The program is based on the classical philosophy of fault-slip data inversion which involves the concept of the best-fitting stress tensor. The defined compatibility measure and compatibility function verify the compatibility of a given stress tensor with observed fault-slip data. In order to constrain inversion results to mechanically acceptable solutions, the program additionally considers the ratio between the normal and shear stress on the fault plane, since it is assumed that the results of paleostress inversion should be in agreement with the Amonton\’s Law. The optimal solution for stress tensors that activated the observed faults is found by searching for the global and highest local maxima of the object function F defined as a sum of compatibility functions for all fault-slip data.

AmontonWin computer program… The reliability of T-TECTO was verified by the AmontonWin computer program which enables the direct modelling of fault-slip with respect to the defined stress and strain boundary conditions. This computer program is part of the T-TECTO 3.0 version and will not be released as a separate computer program.

T-TECTO is being used all over the world by structural geologists that come from USA, Brazil, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc…

T-TECTO is being developed at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana (Slovenia). The program is provided free of charge for academic, non-profit use.

product:T-TECTO 3.0