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GMG Gxii 4.02

Industry-standard 2D forward and inverse seismic modeling, for rapid and accurate velocity and interpretation validation, reflection prediction, AVO analysis, surface and VSP survey design, illumination analysis and section-based depth conversion. GX II is a workstation or PC based 2D modeling system for 2D model building, editing, visualization and ray tracing. GX II?s ray tracing feature includes both forward (seismic simulation) and inverse (time-to-depth) methods.

With GX II, a geoscientist can build complex geologic models from well tops, from time or depth horizons imported from third party applications or from digitized seismic sections. GX II converts time models to depth using a one-step method or by using a layer-by-layer process. The GX II user has a variety of ray tracing techniques available to create synthetic traces including offset, zero-offset and VSP methods. For comparison with the real seismic data, a geophysicist can import the time interpretation and export synthetic seismic traces back to the interpretation system.

product:GMG Gxii 4.02