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Geocentrix Repute 1.0

Repute 1.0 is an onshore pile design program for analyzing pile groups under 3-dimensional loading, using linear or non-linear soil models.

Repute boasts a powerful calculation engine and a rich user interface making it the UK\’s leading onshore pile design program.

The program includes a wide range of engineering capabilities for designing single piles to modern design standards and analysing pile groups in 3-dimensions using linear and non-linear soil models.

Repute is supplied with comprehensive documentation (including a user-manual, reference manual and quick-start guide); includes extensive built-in help; and is backed up with expert technical support.

Engineering capabilites
Ultimate Limit State (ULS)

* Longitudinal ULS calculation
* Undrained calculations (α-method)
* Drained calculations (β-method and methods based on Ks x tan δ)
* Fleming\’s load vs displacement analysis
* Various design standards, including Eurocode 7, BS 8004, and custom
* National Annexes for UK and Ireland
* Full customization of α, β, bearing capacity algorithm, K, δ, and shrinkage

Servicability Limit State (SLS)

* Linear and non-linear continuum analysis via boundary element method (BEM)
* BEM calculation engine based on PGroupN version 2, used under exclusive licence from Geomarc
* BEM engine handles up to 350 piles with up to 50 elements per pile (total of 8000 degrees of freedom)
* Caters for piles of varying lengths, diameters, rakes, and moduli
* Full 3-dimensional loading (inc. torsion)
* Various soil models including linear elastic, linear-elastic/perfectly-plastic, & hyperbolic
* Handles up to 50 layers (homogeneous or Gibson profile within each layer)
* Randolph\’s Analysis provides estimate of settlement for single piles
* Fleming\’s load-displacement Analysis

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