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Midland Valley Move 2009.1

Midland Valley Move 2009.1 new Release.

At Midland Valley our sole focus is on solving geological problems and developing ever-more functional software. For 25 years we have developed a uniquely powerful range of structural modelling programs that provide our own consultants and our many clients with the tools they need.

The Midland Valley Move toolset is fundamentally different from other geo-modelling and model building software as it incorporates geological time into the modelling process. Other modelling tools simply create good-looking models from the present day interpretations, ours turn the modelling process into a rigorous analytical activity involving geological time, with interoperability support of modelling environments and the ability to easily transfer files between all Move components. Using our products geoscientists can continually challenge and test their assumptions and thereby gain a far deeper understanding into the structural geology they are modelling.

The major components of Move are:

 2DMove – 2D structural modelling in a 3D world for map and linked section construction, balancing, kinematic restoration, validation and structural analysis.
 3DMove – Advanced 3D structural modelling for geo-constrained structural framework construction, model validation, using geo-constrained construction, geometric restoration, geo-history modelling and advanced structural analysis.
 4DMove – Advanced 3D structural modelling with scenario modelling capability and access to pre-defined modelling workflows including geomechanical restoration (4DRestore), fracture modelling (4DFrac) and turbidite flow modelling (4DSediment). 

product:Midland Valley Move 2009.1