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Intergraph GeoMedia Professional 6.1

GeoMedia Professional (Pro) 6.1 is the first spatial data collection and management product specifically designed to work with standard relational databases. It is focused on high productivity data capture and editing, data analysis, and reporting. GeoMedia Professional was designed specifically for the collection and maintenance of GIS data, not CAD data, and uses several user-interface innovations, such as SmartSnap, Dynamic Raster Snap, and Dynamic Queued Editing, to significantly increase productivity. It also includes all the power of GeoMedia to provide a complete GIS solution from capture to output. Whether you are digitizing off a paper map, digitizing from an on screen image, or incorporating data from other digital sources, GeoMedia Pro has the tools for the job. These tools have been optimized for GIS workflows to increase productivity when collecting and maintaining GIS data. The emphasis has been placed on making sure the GIS data is collected right the first time, reducing the need for time-consuming cleanup after the data has been collected or edited. GeoMedia Pro is completely customizable with development tools such as Visual Basic or Visual C++. The product runs under Windows NT or Windows 95 / 98, and includes on-line help and tutorials.

product:Intergraph GeoMedia Professional 6.1