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Landmark Geographix DSS R5000

The 5000 release of the GeoGraphix DSS Dynamic Surveillance System provides

New, smart batch decline analysis
More integration options with GeoGraphix Discovery and Discovery on OpenWorks
Expanded linkage to IHS Enerdeq web services data
Import of IHS Energy 297 well data
Export to HTML
Normal maintenance. 

DSS 5000.0.0.0 is available through Landmark Graphics’ new Electronic Software Distribution (ESD), or on a dedicated GeoGraphix distribution DVD, to all customers who are current on M&S. ESD provides a simple, rapid download and installation process. Setup instructions are in the help document included with the release. ESD is explained in more detail below.

DSS supports stand alone installations as well as integrated installations with GeoGraphix Discovery.  DSS 5000.0.0.0 has been extensively tested on Windows? XP SP3 (32-bit and 64-bit) and Vista 32. Vista is currently not supported by Discovery on OpenWorks 5000.0.0.0; therefore Discovery on OpenWorks-linked DSS projects do not support Vista at this time. DSS 5000.0.0 will continue to support linkage and attachment to Discovery 2007.2 projects and attachment to Discovery on OpenWorks 2007.2 projects on Windows XP. Hardware requirements have not changed. A DVD reader is needed for local installations if the electronic software distribution is not used.

All customers must obtain new license files (at no additional cost) to use the DSS 5000.0.0.0 release, as described in more detail below. Those customers who use a license server (local or network) must install the new version of Landmark Graphics’ License Application Manager, also available via ESD or DVD, prior to launching DSS 5000.0.0.0.

There is no project update required for existing DSS projects.

5000 Compatibility
5000 is a major Landmark synchronous release designed to increase the compatibility and stability of all the applications, platforms, and third-party tools. It is being implemented in several stages, with DSS joining in this Fall 2008 release.

For the first time DSS is available for you to download electronically (ESD), subject to authorization by your company. You will be able to download your software as soon as it is available instead of waiting for media to be manufactured and shipped.

 The customer interface for downloading products electronically is called Landmark Software Manager (LSM). After installing LSM, you can schedule your downloads (of DSS and LAM, for example), or you can download one or more applications immediately.  If you cannot download the applications through LSM due to bandwidth limitations, or if you prefer media, you may request a DVD by using features within LSM.

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