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RokDoc 5.0

RokDoc 5.0 is the complete rock physics toolkit – 0D, 1D and 2D. With its unique graphical rock physics and rapid 2D forward modelling capabilities, RokDoc enhances seismic clarity and reduces your exploration risk.
Chosen by exploration and production professionals for its adaptability and ease of use, RokDoc places powerful predictive models in the hands of every user.
RokDoc enables interpreters, geologists, geophysicists and petrophysicists to utilise rock physics models in order to integrate geology, well and seismic data.
New enhanced well tie functionality now enables you to edit depth-time conversions by applying stretch and squeeze to synthetic seismograms. Graphical displays of calibrated versus un-calibrated velocities and synthetic to seismic cross-correlation allow optimum time shifts to be determined. Multiple stretch and squeeze sets can be stored, allowing you to rapidly compare well ties across multiple seismic surveys without leaving the RokDoc
At the core of RokDoc lies the ability to link petrophysics and rock properties to geophysical attributes and beyond. In the current environment, increasing importance is being placed on using rock physics and seismic modelling to unlock reservoirs and define and optimise seismic workflows. RokDoc gives you these capabilities.

Functionality available with RokDoc

  • 0D modelling – point data can rapidly develop your understanding of key controls and seismic responses on a single interface
  • 1D modelling – well based modelling – use your own well data to form various rock physics functions, including Gassmann fluid substitutions and AVO gathers
  • 2D modelling – available in the RokDoc-2D module


The pressure is on! New pressure enhancements – PressureView, Pore Pressure Calculator and Pressure Prediction Modules – now available as optional add-ons for RokDoc.

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