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NeuraScanner 2008.05

Neuralog\’s Next Generation NeuraScanner works with USB2.0 to make data transfer to your PC robust and fast. This combined with our updated image processing technologies, allows for speeds up to 10 times faster than our previous scanner. B&W or Greyscale scanning for a typical log is achieved at speeds up to 10/sec and the image quality is outstanding. For hard-to-read logs needing a high resolution or color scan, the maximum resolution is now 600dpi, and a custom-built LED image sensor produces the highest quality color scans. In addition, NeuraScanner now offers an Instant Rescan option. Instant Rescan sends your log image to NeuraView where brightness and detail can be modified after the scan. With Instant Rescan the need to rescan your paper log has been eliminated.

NeuraScanner is a small, fast, light, worry free log scanner. Equipped with a powerful high-speed programmable processor which will allow for cpu updates, and a custom-built image sensor that was designed for scanning well logs, it can perform advanced image processing and compression to ensure great scans every time.

NeuraScanner works with your USB port. USB 2.0 is highly recommended because of its speed, however USB1.0 is supported. And with your NeuraLaser well log printer, it can be used as an your log copying solution.

The NeuraScanner box itself, built from light-weight 7075 aluminum, is robust enough to be carried even into the most rugged environments. At the same time, the paper handling has been fine tuned to allow for scanning even the most delicate logs. Whether your logs are thick, fanfold style or slick paper used by older printers, NeuraScanner has been designed to handle them all.

NeuraScanner ships with NeuraView Scanner Edition (NeuraViewSE). NeuraViewSE is software to view, modify and print your scanned images, as well as digital LAS files.

Product:NeuraScanner 2008.05