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Schlumberger GeoFrame 4.3 Linux

What\’s New in GeoFrame version 4.3

The latest version of the GeoFrame enterprise-class interpretation system provides new tools, features, and performance improvements to enhance current geology and geophysics workflows. As an industry standard, the GeoFrame system continues to breakthrough workflow limits with robust and stable performance for increased user productivity. The platform-independent system provides flexibility and true integration in a multiuser environment with sophisticated project data management functionality.

New volume interpretation workflows
Volume-based workflows have revolutionized the interpretation process. GeoViz 3D visualization and interpretation software enables these workflows in a common canvas for the breadth and depth of geophysical and geological information accessible in the comprehensive GeoFrame system. Working in 3D puts your data in perspective and allows you to see what you have not seen before. GeoViz software has seamless access to

  • 2D and 3D seismic
  • interpreted horizons and faults
  • wells (logs, markers, zones)
  • geological cross sections
  • velocity models
  • structural models.

Multivolume workflows aid the interpreter in scanning through data in the search for new prospects. GeoViz software in GeoFrame version 4.3 software introduces new tools to improve volume interpretation. The ASAP automated structural area picker software has been reconditioned for higher quality and faster performance tracking. Voxel-picking may be guided by the paintbrush probes for more precise control. Editing is highly interactive and automatic-picking hierarchies may be visualized to improve the overall efficiency of the workflow. IESX software users of the GeoViz application may set a data focus to improve start-up time and general performance when working on a restricted region.

Geographic information at your control
When exploring the subsurface thousands of meters down, it is easy to forget where you are in the world. In planning exploration programs, from access for the drilling crew and designing pipeline networks and transportation to knowing where the lease line crosses the field, you need to put your structural and attribute maps in geographical context.

Basemap software now supports industry geographical information systems (GIS) standards including the ESRI shape file format and Arc/Info binary grids. This new ability enables you to incorporate spatial geographic information within your interpretation and decision-making processes. Vector and raster data formats are supported and these data can be accurately managed by the comprehensive coordinate system of GeoFrame software. GIS information displayed in Basemap software puts your interpretation in real-world context.

High-performance tools for improved productivity
In the age of the World Wide Web, we are used to having information at our fingertips. Working with thousands of wells can be difficult to manage. GeoFrame version 4.3 software introduces new tools to improve performance for large projects. When updates are required, in an area of interest, GeoFrame data management gives you many ways to quickly find the data you need for your interpretation. From the advanced query tools that search your project database for any data type to interactive spreadsheet displays, GeoFrame software helps you manage your project efficiently and effectively.

Petrophysical analysis takes on new life with interactive interpretation within ElanPlus log analysis. Cutoffs become an interactive drag and drop rather than multiple input windows and reruns, getting you through your interpretation faster.

Today, ownership of fields and assets is constantly changing. Older fields are acquired by owners who can keep them producing longer while sustaining economical efficiency. Data may arrive from previous owners with little information about content and quality. The new SEGY Editor provides loading and editing capabilities within GeoFrame software to alleviate data management challenges. The SEGY Editor gives you the power to quality control the data prior to loading by viewing and editing binary, EBCDIC, and trace header data. Loading definitions for IESX seismic interpretation software can be automatically created from the scan. These definitions can be saved and used again and again. New clean SEGY files can be written while preserving the integrity of the original data. SEGY Editor provides flexible tools for editing and viewing data to streamline and quality control the loading process.

GeoFrame version 4.3 software delivers breakthrough team performance by offering comprehensive workflows, enabling you to have your data at your fingertips for all your interpretation needs.

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