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Bentley CulvertMaster

Bentley Architecture 是奔特力工程软件针对建筑师的需求所设计,提供了最直观的使用者介面、 2D/3D 共用的工具以及高度的自动化设计辅助。在 Bentley Architecture 中可以使用 2D 、 3D 或是 2D/3D 混合的工作流程,一切的编辑与修改都能在 2D/3D 间自动同步更新,大幅增加设计工作进行的速度及效率。 Bentley Architecture 维持 Bentley Building Information Modeling (BIM) 一贯的运作逻辑,让建筑师能在模型中加入大量的客制化非图形资讯,并能在 Bentley 的建筑平台上与其他应用程式交换资料,让专案资讯的整合更为便利。 模型台工具 直接由等高线制作出地形模型,轻松制作出模型台。 Automates the architectural design and production process. Bentley Architecture boasts an intuitive user interface, powerful tools and libraries of standard components to support architects throughout the design, documentation and construction process. Its flexibility allows you to leverage many international and regional industry standards, or easily customize and expand these standards to meet the needs of your practice. Intelligent, building information modeling (BIM) enables automated drawing and reporting that is fully coordinated and customizable to suit your needs. Drawings are automatically generated using industry-standard drawing conventions. Reports such as material take-offs, program analysis, schedules and outline specifications can also be automatically generated to complement your drawings. With sophisticated rendering and animation capabilities built right in, along with 2D/3D choice, you have all the tools needed to fully design, and document and present your project.
Product:Bentley CulvertMaster