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Synopsys MVtools 2008.12 Linux64

Synopsys MVtools 2008.12 Linux64 Release Highlights:
MVTools B-2008.12 release has support for UPF based RTL, Gate level and PG level
low power verification using MVSIM and MVRC. This release provides several new
tool capabilities and options for verification.

Supported platforms:
MVTools B-2008.12 is being released and supported on RHEL v4 (64 bit) only.

** Please note RHEL v3 is not supported. Running on RHEL v3 will produce this error:
** mvcmp: /lib/tls/ version `GLIBC_2.3.4\’ not found (required by mvcmp)

product:Synopsys MVtools 2008.12 Linux64