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Paradigm Interpret 2008

Paradigm Interpret 2008 well test analysis software is an invaluable tool for performing pressure transient analysis from a wide variety of data sources. It can be used in the design and analysis of pressure transients from traditional production tests, drillstem tests (DST), wireline formation tests (WFT) and testing-while-drilling on exploration, appraisal or production wells.

Interpret combines powerful modeling capabilities with an intuitive user interface. Running under Microsoft® Windows®, it is fully interoperable with Microsoft Office.

Interpret 2008 builds upon the strengths of previous releases with many new features and enhancements. These include new options for performing deconvolution on the pressure history prior to diagnosing the appropriate model and for fitting gradients for multi-session WFT analysis.

Powerful and intuitive diagnostics enable the user to build highly complex models. The analysis is validated and optimized using a combination of analysis plots, resulting in superior quality and confidence.

From conventional Horner analysis to advanced type curve analysis techniques using pressure derivatives, Interpret is easy to learn and use. Its interactive, graphical interface enables the user to quickly:

  • Select, display and edit pressure and pressure derivative data interactively, for any flow period in the test
  • Validate test data using comprehensive gauge comparison and rate validation plots
  • Perform deconvolution to generate a more detailed pressure history response for determining the reservoir behavior
  • Diagnose test behavior by identifying flow regime characteristics
  • Automatically generate a model that is tailored to the complexity of the data, then fine-tune the match using fast and robust non-linear regression
  • Monitor current analysis results on the screen at any time during analysis
  • Validate the analysis by simulating the response of the entire test
  • Generate an analysis report and incorporate it into Microsoft Office documents

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