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Maptek Vulcan 6.0

Maptek Vulcan 6.0软件系统是由澳大利亚 MAPTEK公司开发成功的。该系统功能强大、内容丰富 ,主要用于地表及地下三维数据的处理 ,包括地质工程、环境工程、地理地形、测量工程、采矿工程、水库工程、地震分析等方面的数据处理及工程设计。VUL CAN有 PC版、工作站版等版本 ,操作使用方便、适应性强、性能优越 ,适合在我国露天矿推广应用 ,与我国自行开发的有关软件配合使用可达到优势互补、相互借鉴、促进提高软件开发水平的效果。
Maptek Vulcan 6.0 software system has successfully been used by MAPTEX corporation.This system that has powerful function and lush content,is mainly used to process with spatial data of surface and underground,and to design and deal with data that include geology,surveying,mining,reservior,seismicect.VULCAN can run on PC or workstation,its operation is convenient,its performance and adaptability is powerful.The system suits Chinais surface mine.Combined with ourself some software can gain the effect that the software …
Product:Maptek Vulcan 6.0