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Fugro Jason FastTracker 2007b

FastTracker® is an innovative geologic modeling system built around the revolutionary UpdateAbility concept.

FastTracker automatically tracks everything you do in the course of building your geologic model, and can rebuild the model in minutes when you change or add inputs, or change any parameter



Underlying every reservoir model is FastTracker’s software architecture based on the unique UpdateAbility concept. As the workflow is built, FastTracker automatically records and documents the steps so that a complete history of the workflow is available at every stage of the project. Every petrotechnical item in the project (e.g. surface, 3D mesh or porosity model) “knows” its place in the workflow. It knows what went into its creation and what other items later in the workflow depend on it.

As an example, let’s say you have built a reservoir model encompassing eight wells as shown here.

Now you find you have access to data from three additional wells that are outside your original area of interest. For some modeling programs, this represents a substantial amount of work to update the model to include these new wells. But not for FastTracker! Simply define a new area of interest that includes the additional wells, as shown here.

And then use UpdateAbility to rebuild the model in one step. In this particular example, it took less than five minutes to define the new area of interest and rebuild the model.

UpdateAbility works like a spreadsheet. Once you have built the spreadsheet, any change to the values or formula in a cell instantly causes the entire worksheet to update and stay current. In FastTracker, the result is a dynamic, living workflow where anything, anywhere in the project, may be revised at any time, causing the model to rebuild automatically.


Since FastTracker records all the details of the model being built, it also has a history that is easy to view and understand. This history is called TrackAbility, and allows you to go back to a model that was constructed months or years ago and quickly see how it was built. This also makes is much easier to pass an existing model to a different person to take over its maintenance and updating.


The ability to quickly update a model with UpdateAbility certainly makes it faster to maintain a reservoir model than has been possible previously, but how about the speed in making the initial model itself? FastTracker also helps you build the initial geomodel more quickly, with a more streamlined workflow, Assistants that help automate sections of the model building process, and faster geostatistical algorithms for populating your model. Clients have reported that using FastTracker enables them to build their initial model five to tem time faster than with other programs.

Structural Modeling

FastTracker handles complex models with large numbers of faults. The new Assistants make it easy to deal with many faults and horizons, while still retaining all the advantages of UpdateAbility.

FastTracker allows you to repair faults and automatically truncate against surfaces. In the example below, this fault was interpreted in another package and imported to FastTracker. Truncation against other surfaces was a problem. But UpdateAbility makes it possible and easy to fix – just adjust the fault nodes and the whole structural model updates as required.

Indicator and Reservoir Property Modeling

The reservoir properties, such as lithofacies, porosity and permeability, can be determined either using the geostatistical techniques within FastTracker, or in combination with Fugro-Jason’s seismic-driven reservoir characterization methods. In combination with the RockScale module of FastTracker, 3D lithology and property models derived from seismic data can be properly imported and used as 3D trends to guide the geostatistical simulations. This method produce far superior models compared to importing 2D maps to guide the simulation.


3D Seismic to Simulator

FastTracker represents a step change in reservoir modeling software. Built new from the ground up, and based on the unique UpdateAbility concept, FastTracker integrates structural modeling, reservoir property modeling, upscaling and direct output to most flow simulators into one powerful package. Together with Fugro-Jason’s advanced reservoir characterization techniques, the workflow from 3D seismic to simulator is fully supported.

FastTracker – The fastest way to build (and maintain) your reservoir model.

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